All research and teaching projects involving the use of live vertebrate animals must be approved by the Syracuse University Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) prior to procurement of animals for the study.  For additional information, contact the IACUC Administrator at 315-443-1690 or

Do you have an approved Animal Use Protocol?

Protocol Submissions – Plan at least 6 weeks for processing of a new protocol from the date of Pre-Review submission. Information can be found at IACUC Meeting Dates and Submission Deadlines

  1. How to submit a protocol
  2. How to submit an amendment

Have you and the lab members to be listed on the active protocol completed all pre-requisites?

Vivarium Entrance Checklist
Task Name Offering frequency Time Allowance Resource location
Chemical Hygiene for Labs class 1 class held monthly in Lyman Hall 2.5 hours Chemical Hygiene Plan Training Registration Page


CITI Training n/a 1-2 hours CITI


Amend protocol n/a 1-2 weeks Found on the ORIP Current Forms Webpage
Medical Evaluation Form n/a 1-2 weeks  

SU student or NON-Student health forms found on the ORIP Current Forms Webpage



Rodent Facilities require an Orientation. Contact for rodent facility orientation after:
X CITI completed
X Protocol amended
X Medical Evaluation approval has been received by David Carnes
*Information needed about person signing up: name, lab, email address*

Common hold-ups

1) Medical evaluation not submitted

2) Medical evaluation not sent to the correct location

3) Medical evaluation not signed

Are you ready to order animals for your project?

Animals are delivered on Tuesdays. Requests must be made by 2 PM on Mondays in order for animals to arrive the following Tuesday. (Early orders are encouraged!)

1)      Submit a requisition or request to your administrator.
2)      The administrator must route the requisition to me for approval. Purchasing requires the LAR facility manager’s approval to authorize a live animal order. This step verifies the request against an approved IACUC protocol.
3)      The LAR facility manager sends the requisition on to purchasing and your animals will arrive on the Tuesday you selected.

Your admin will need to know:

  • Protocol number
  • Type of animal, age, sex, number of animals
  • Location to deliver (Syracuse University, Life Science Complex, 107 College Place, Research Integrity, Room 017, Syracuse, NY 13244)
  • Date of arrival (must be a Tuesday)
  • Suggested Vendor
  • Notes: Animals are not to be removed from truck until LAR staff meet the driver 315-443-4544

Include any special LAR instructions such as housing. (single or co-housed)