Welcome to Syracuse University’s animal research program. The Office of Research Integrity and Protections is here to guide you through the process of getting started with your animal research.


How to submit a protocol
  1. Fill out your New Live Animal Protocol found on the ORIP Current Forms Webpage.
  2. Make sure that the personnel listed on the protocol are in the process of completing all requirements for conducting research on a live animal protocol and have updated training documentation.
  3. At least four weeks prior to the IACUC meeting at which you want your protocol reviewed, email your completed protocol application to the IACUC Administrator for Pre-Review. You will receive an acknowledgement and be issued an IACUC protocol number to use in reference to the submission. After Pre-Review (+/- 7 business days) you will receive a list of comments and suggestions compiled from the Pre-Review. Use those to revise your protocol.
  4. At least 2 weeks prior to the next IACUC meeting, email your revised protocol application to the ORIP office IACUC Administrator. It is suggested you include information about any grants that cover the protocol and any documents that may be necessary for your to conduct your research. (Wildlife permits, collaboration agreements, memorandums of understanding, etc) After the submission is received, you will be sent an invitation to attend the IACUC meeting to provide the committee with additional narrative regarding the research and answer any questions. Attendance is optional but encouraged. *Hard copies are no longer required to be submitted.
  5. IACUC meeting results- You will be notified in writing of the results. There can be four outcomes for your Full Committee Review (FCR).
    1. IACUC votes to approve the protocol as written, which is then signed and dated by the Chair;
    2. IACUC votes to require modifications (to secure approval). Affirms that the adequacy and appropriateness of the protocol’s human use aspects, but requires modifications (to secure approval) when it is determined that no major revisions or clarifications are required.
    3. IACUC votes to table the protocol for major revisions (requires FCR at a future convened meeting).
    4. IACUC votes to reject the protocol (approval withheld).

NOTICE: Work cannot begin on a protocol until the IACUC approval memo is in hand.

How to submit an amendment

An amendment is required when a researcher would like to make a change on an IACUC approved protocol. To make an amendment, complete the amendment form below and submit it to mltouche@syr.edu. All changes must be approved prior to beginning any work with the changes.

There are two categories amendments fall under: significant change(s) and minor change(s). Minor changes and limited significant changes can be reviewed using Designated Member Review (DMR) or Administrative Review. Minor amendments are typically approved within 5-10 business days. Most significant changes must be handled using Full Committee Review (FCR) at a convened meeting of the IACUC. FCR amendments follow the same track as protocol review by first undergoing Pre-Review. Expect FCR amendments to take 6-7 weeks for full approval.

Fill out your IACUC Protocol Amendment Form found on the ORIP Current Forms Webpage

Examples of significant changes:

  • Change in PI
  • Altered objective of study
  • New or modified procedure
  • Modification of survival surgery
  • Change from non-surgery to surgery, from minor to major surgery, from non-survival to survival, or from single to multiple survival surgery.
  • Increased invasiveness or potential discomfort/distress to animals caused by a procedure
  • Changes in species or increase the number (except for less than 10% in rats and mice bred for research) of animals approved
  • Modified choice of anesthetic or analgesic agent(s), or in the route of administration or dosage of these agents
  • Altered method of euthanasia
  • Change in duration, frequency or number of procedures performed on an animal

Examples of minor changes:

  • Addition of new personnel participating in animal procedures
  • Change in animal housing location
  • A less than 10% increase in the number of mice used for research
  • Additional rodent genetic strain
How to submit an animal parts or products form

Syracuse University IACUC requires review and approval for all activities involving both living and dead vertebrate animals. Tissue sharing and the use of animal products is an important part of the 3R’s (reduction, refinement, replacement). The use of tissue is encouraged and facilitated where it is scientifically and practically appropriate. It is important to remember that if an animal is acquired and euthanized specifically for tissue collection, a full animal use protocol must be submitted and approved by the IACUC.

To use any animal tissue:

  1. Fill out your Animal Parts or Products Form found on the ORIP Current Forms Webpage
  2. The form must be submitted to and approved by the IACUC and approved in advance.
Investigator responsibilities

The PI has overall responsibility of laboratory personnel handling animals in his or her lab and in ORIP facilities.

  • Establish a culture of compliance
  • PIs must abide by the application certification statements
  • PIs and all animal handlers must read the applications and amendments after approval and be trained in relevant animal procedures
  • Establish a 24-hour contact number so that Laboratory Animal Resources (LAR) can contact lab personnel at any time to ask animal health related questions
  • The Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for all aspects of an approved animal use application.

Ensure adequate training of personnel handling animals on the approved protocol

  • It is advised to establish an acting manager to train lab personnel and to coordinate activities of the laboratory
  • Ensure that all animal handlers are familiar with animal care and use responsibilities, regulations, and policies
  • Ensure that personnel who speak English as a second language fully understand and adhere to the protocol and the IACUC and ORIP policies

Application Administration

  • Submit renewals and applications on time
  • Application submissions deadlines are listed on the IACUC calendar
  • IACUC suggests that PI’s send continuation applications a month early if possible to avoid situations where there are animals in-house on an expired protocol.