ORIP requires that all requisitions for purchasing live animals be approved by the Lab Animal Facility Manager/IACUC Administrator. The order is reviewed to ensure the requested animals are covered under an approved, active IACUC protocol and that housing space and supplies are available for the care of the animals before they are ordered.  Requests to purchase animals should be accompanied by the corresponding IACUC number.

Researchers are not authorized to initiate animal orders without prior communication with the Lab Animal Facility Manager/IACUC Administrator.


  1. A PI or lab manager must submit the order to their department administrator by Monday prior to the date needed. Some labs use Quartzy.
  2. The form must include:
    1. Protocol #
    2. Type of animal
    3. Sex
    4. Quantity
    5. Catalog #
    6. Age or weight or any special requirements
    7. Vendor name
    8. Date needed by (Tuesdays only)
    9. Food/Room #/Housing requirements

Biology order form: animal order form 2016[EXCEL]