Instructions for obtaining animal facility access:

Step 1

  • Submit medical evaluation form. Do this ASAP! The submission address can be found at the end of the form.  Allow for 1-2 weeks. *Sign the form*

SU Student and NON-Student forms found on the ORIP Current Forms Webpage


  • PI must amend protocol to include a new lab member. Allow for 1-2 weeks for approval.

IACUC Protocol Amendment Form found on the ORIP Current Forms Webpage

Step 2

  • Mandatory training

CITI Training  –  Click the link and register. Additional Instructions. Allow for about 4 hours. Follow the Course Enrollment Dialogue, choose Lab Animal Research. *must be completed before beginning work on protocol.

You MUST complete:

  1. The “Working with the Syracuse University IACUC Course” is required if you plan to use laboratory animals in your work or plan to supervise such work. *This will show up as Investigators, Staff & Students on your completion report.
  2. The basic course for any species you work with for the protocol(s)
  3. +/- At Syracuse University I am involved in studies that have the potential to cause “more than momentary pain and distress” in mice or rats. This course describes post procedure methods to reduce pain and distress in rodents. *ASK YOUR PI- It is require for protocols that are USDA Category D or E.

Step 3 (Rodent Facilities Only)

  • After approval of amendment, receiving an approved medical evaluation AND completing CITI, email and request an Orientation.
  • Be sure to include: Trainee’s name, lab and email address

IACUC Training Documentation Form[WORD] – Each lab member on the protocol must have a copy of this living document maintained in the lab. The Attending Veterinarian, IACUC administrator, IACUC semi-annual inspectors and/or regulatory bodies (EX: USDA, State, Federal, AAALAC) may ask to see the documents to verify that training records are up-to-date.

Common hold-ups

1) Medical evaluation not submitted

2) Medical evaluation not sent to the correct location

*SU students send the form via email ( or Intercampus mail (orange mailboxes), or drop off to: Hannah Mazzoni, Health Services, Barnes Center at The Arch Health 150 Sims Drive, Suite 201..

*Non-SU Students (Faculty, Staff, Non-Student Research Assistants, Visiting Students) Follow submission instructions on the form.

3) Medical evaluation not signed