Research Participant Information

Reporting Concerns or Complaints

Research participants are encouraged to express any concerns or complaints regarding involvement in a research study. You may prefer to speak directly to the investigator or members of the study staff. However, if you are unable to contact the investigator or would prefer to report the complaint to the IRB, you may do so.

When reporting a concern or complaint to the IRB, please contact the IRB office as soon as possible. You may report your concern or complaint by calling our office, sending an e-mail or sending a letter by U.S. mail. Research participants may also report a concern or complaint using the following link: Report A Human Subjects Research Concern .

Resources Regarding Research Participation and Your Rights as a Research Participant

Before joining a research project, we encourage you to learn more about your rights as a research volunteer and the risks and benefits of being in research. The IRB has a brochure available for you. This brochure can be downloaded and printed by participants, investigators, or departments who wish to distribute the pamphlet as an educational resource.