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New Live Animal Projects

Cayuse Animal Oversight (updated 11/22) – Syracuse University has paused its transition to animal oversight software from Cayuse. Please contact David Carnes at or (315) 443-1690 with any questions regarding submission of a new animal research protocol. Until further notice, all new protocol submissions should be completed using this form.

Submission Instructions [WORD]

Application Addendum for LIVE ANIMAL Research

Please note: Only use these forms if corresponding field is checked in the IACUC Live Animal Application AND if your existing animal research protocol has not been transitioned to Cayuse Animal Oversight.

Helpful article link: Writing clear animal activity proposals

IACUC Training Documentation Form[WORD] -REQUIRED: Keep this form in the lab. Each personnel member listed on the protocol MUST maintain a training documentation form that is kept up to date. All records must be kept for 3 years after completion of a protocol.

DEA Sample Log Sheet[PDF]

Existing Live Animal Projects

IACUC Protocol Amendment Form[WORD] – PIs (Principal Investigators) or lab members may use this form to request changes to an active IACUC protocol. If a lab member submits the form, the PI MUST be CC’d on the email. Examples: Adding new personnel, changing drugs, requesting additional animals, using new animal ID methods, doing procedures in a new room not listed on the protocol. Please only use this form if your existing animal research protocol has not been transitioned to Cayuse Animal Oversight. If you are not sure if an amendment is required, please ask. Email (, call, or visit the IACUC Administrator office.

What happens next? This depends on how the changes requested are classified. The majority of amendments are reviewed and a decision returned in less than 10 business days. Some require review at a Full Committee Meeting. You will be notified about the process for each type of review.

Animal Users Health and Safety Questionnaire

*UPDATED 6/14/18- Email submission is now available! Reminder: DO NOT send the completed form to your lab, the IACUC, or ORIP. Only send the form to the health professional identified in the form. Your lab and ORIP (Office of Research Integrity and Protections) will automatically receive health form approval notification and any requirements (ex: N95 Mask). Private health information is never shared with labs or ORIP.

SU Student animal health form [WORD] Undergraduate, Graduate, PhD Candidate: MUST BE enrolled at SU. Submit this form to the SU health office via email (, campus mail, or drop off. Do NOT send a copy to your professor or LAR. It is your private information.

NON-Student animal health form WORD– Faculty, Staff, Non-Student Research Assistants: (anyone NOT enrolled at SU) Submit this form to Dr. David Seeley at WellNow Occupational Medicine – IMA via email or drop off at address listed on form.

NON-Live Animal Projects

Animal Parts or Products Protocol Form[WORD] – Use this form to request approval to use any animal parts or products. Typically, these are approved administratively by the Attending Veterinarian within 5-10 business days. Some may be differed to Full Committee Review by the IACUC. Please plan accordingly.