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The Syracuse University Human Research Protections Program’s primary mission is the protection of individuals who are the subjects of research. Syracuse University is committed to follow the ethical standards described in the Belmont Report, and all applicable federal, state and local regulations and university policies and procedures. The HRPP at SU sets forth the structure, policies, and procedures to implement this mission and commitment. The program provides Institutional Review Board (IRB) oversight, administrative support, and educational training for investigators and research staff to ensure that Syracuse University research complies with federal and State regulations, University policy, and the highest ethical standards. The processes of education, review, and monitoring serve to ensure the safe and ethical conduct of research that will protect human subjects in an atmosphere of mutual trust and integrity in the pursuit of knowledge and human benefit.

Federalwide Assurance (FWA) and IRB Registration Numbers:

FWA (exp 2/7/2025)                            FWA00007077
IRB ID Number (exp 1/18/2026)     IRB00000069

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REVISED Common Rule  (12/20/18) *NEW*

Conducting A Human Research Study

Who Can Be A Principal Investigator?

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Students as Research Participants  (02/23/18) *NEW*

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For information regarding COI and FCOI policies, processes, and procedures please visit the Office of Compliance’s website at or contact us with any questions or concerns at

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Syracuse University and the Office of Research Integrity and Protections strives to create a research compliance environment that is inclusive and accessible to all.

If you have any questions, concerns, or specific requests regarding accommodations, please contact the IRB Office via e-mail: or phone: (315) 443-3013 and we will gladly provide assistance.