Responsible and Ethical Conduct of Research (RECR)

At Syracuse University, we are committed to fostering a research environment that is guided by the highest standards of research ethics and integrity. Conducting research responsibly is crucial to producing objective and unbiased results and maintaining the public’s trust as stewards of research funds. Several Federal funding agencies, such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Science Foundation (NSF), require certain individuals participating in projects funded by those agencies to receive training in the Responsible and Ethical Conduct of Research (RECR).

The Office of Research Integrity and Protections (ORIP) coordinates and implements RECR training, with support and assistance of leaders of research in our community.  Online asynchronous, regularly scheduled in person, and in-person/virtual on demand trainings are available to support the community of diverse learners and enhance the learning experience for students, staff, and faculty.

What is RECR training?

RECR is professional development that provides skills training on contemporary issues of research ethics and integrity.  Training is designed to reinforce current policies and procedures, update researchers of ever evolving conditions of the research environment, and provide opportunities to discuss relevant issues of research ethics and integrity through case studies of research misconduct and/or questionable conduct.

Training in RECR is ongoing and offered through formal training opportunities as well as embedded responsible and ethical informal education that occurs within individual research project teams.

At Syracuse University we honor and accredit both formal and informal methods and assure training is offered inclusively and accessibly.

When is RECR training required?

Although training in responsible and ethical conduct is available and encouraged for all, training is only required for those receiving salary or stipend from funded research. ORIP will monitor awards as they are received and reach out to those who require training to provide upcoming opportunities and collaborate on a plan to achieve requirements.

Contact Information

Syracuse University and the Office of Research Integrity and Protections strives to create a research compliance environment that is inclusive and accessible to all.

If you have any questions, concerns, or specific requests regarding accommodations, please contact the IRB Office via e-mail: or phone: (315) 443-3013 and we will gladly provide assistance.