Graphic: Folders

New Live Animal Projects

IACUC Live Animal Protocol Form

Application Addendums for LIVE ANIMAL Research

Please note: Only use these forms if corresponding field is checked in the IACUC Live Animal Application.

Helpful article: Writing clear animal activity proposals

IACUC Training Documentation Form -Keep this form in the lab. Each personnel member listed on the protocol MUST maintain a training documentation form that is kept up to date. All records must be kept for 3 years after completion of a protocol.

DEA Sample Log Sheet

Existing Live Animal Projects

IACUC Protocol Amendment Form

Animal Users Health and Safety Questionnaire

NON-Student – Faculty, Staff, Non-Student Research Assistants (anyone NOT enrolled at SU)

Student– Undergraduate and Graduate: MUST BE enrolled at SU

NON-Live Animal Projects

Animal Parts or Products Protocol Form – Use this form to request approval to use any animal parts or products. Typically, these are approved administratively by the Attending Veterinarian within 5-10 business days. Some may be differed to Full Committee Review by the IACUC. Please plan accordingly.