*IF* your study involves face-to-face research, please refer to the following options below:

The return to face-to-face research documents ARE required when:

  • Social distancing and masking cannot be maintained with unvaccinated individuals.
  • A researcher will travel internationally to conduct in-person research.

The return to face-to-face research documents are NOT required when:

  • The research will only be conducted with vaccinated individuals.
    • Researchers should ask for proof of vaccination and document the date of last vaccination in their research records. If the participant does not provide proof, the researcher should follow procedures for unvaccinated individuals (see below).
  • Unvaccinated individuals will wear masks and follow a social distancing plan. 

 Please use the link provided to access return to face-to-face research documents:


Go to Syracuse University – Stay Safe for additional University guidance and public health information.