Requirements for Visitors to Campus for Limited Research Purposes

  1. Principal Investigators (PI), who require visitors to campus for human participants research are responsible for ensuring that all visitors are made aware of and abide by all University policies during their limited visits to campus.
  2. Prior to arriving on campus, the PI or designee is required to send an email/letter to any visitor outlining the University policies regarding:
    1. social distancing
    2. face coverings are to be worn at all times
    3. no visitors will be allowed to campus if they (or member of their household) have been directed to isolate or quarantine (local, state or federal)
    4. no visitor will be allowed to campus if in the last 24 hours they have experienced symptoms related to COVID-19
  3. Upon arrival on campus, the PI or designee will immediately have the visitor answer the University on campus COVID check questions, sign, and date the responses.
  4. It is incumbent on the PI to keep records of the visit including the letter advising of the University policies, the response to the questions and to promptly produce to University Human Resources or other administration officials who from time to time may request a copy.