What Should You Disclose?

What do I need to disclose? 

  • Relationships and activities that are related to your Syracuse University responsibilities (teaching, research, service on committees)
  • Any financial interests in an organization that is related to your work at Syracuse University (consulting, advising, speaking)
    • This applies if the organization is related to your field or could benefit from your professional expertise
  • Ownership of, or investment in, a start-up company related to your field even if it is not currently worth anything
    • You must disclose within 30 days of the investment, the filing paperwork as a founder, or the acquisition of ownership interest (options, shares, etc.)
  • Current academic appointments or salary outside of Syracuse University (does not apply to salary from previous academic appointments before arriving at SU)
  • Use of Syracuse University resources for outside activities (including staff, software, equipment and/or instruments, lab or research space, or confidential information)

For information on disclosure thresholds, please see section on Significant Financial Interests.  For additional training, please see section on CITI FCOI Training.

What should I not disclose?

  • Salary, royalties, or other renumeration paid by Syracuse University
  • Salary from a previous academic appointment or institution prior to your start date at Syracuse University
  • Service on an NIH study section, or NSF grant review panel.  Service for federal sponsors is exempt from disclosure
  • Mutual funds or other retirement holdings that you do not actively manage
  • Ownership interests in a commercial entity if Syracuse University is an applicant under the SBIR (or STTR) Phase I program
  • Grants or sponsored research funds that you received while at Syracuse University that went through the Office of Sponsored Programs
  • Volunteer activities in your community likely do not need to be disclosed unless you use Syracuse University resources to perform the activities
    • Ex. Routine use of a Syracuse University copier machine or printer to create flyers or use of Syracuse University software or resources for those activities
  • Sponsored or reimbursed travel paid by a federal, state, or local government agency, institution of higher education, academic teaching hospital, or research institute
  • Activities or relationships that are unrelated to your field and/or work at Syracuse University
    • Ex. A family owned pizzeria (unless you purchase that pizza for department functions or refer other departments at SU to that pizzeria)

Common Examples

An invited lecture at another academic institution

  • NO disclosure IF it was a one-time lecture or speaking engagement.
  • YES disclosure IF you taught an entire course at another institution and/or received an appointment at the other institution


  • NO disclosure IF the stock is unrelated to your work at Syracuse University
    • Ex. Amazon or Google stock (unless you are teaching a class on developing search algorithms or advertising)
    • Ex. Anything in your retirement accounts or a managed portfolio where you are not responsible for deciding what you invest in
  • YES disclosure IF the stock is in a publicly traded company related to your research or your clinical trial
    • Ex. You own Pfizer stock AND you are conducting research sponsored by Pfizer in your lab or participating as an investigator in Pfizer clinical trials


  • YES disclosure IF you have ownership interest OR a management role in a company, and that company retains a student to provide services (paid or unpaid) and any of the following occurs:
    • The student is currently enrolled in your class (or a close relation’s class)
    • You (or a close relation) supervise the student in an academic capacity
    • You (or a close relation) have the ability to influence the academic progress of the student
    • You (or a close relation) supervise the student as a research assistant or student employee